tire installation

Most vehicles with solid axles have leaf springs that connect the axle assembly to the frame/chassis. Depending on the application, these leaf springs can connect to the frame either directly (the norm for the front mounting point) or with a connector known as a shackle. In older vehicles, these shackles are just plates between the frame and the leaf spring while in others—especially newer vehicles—shackles are stamped pieces and usually replaced as an assembly, although you can install aftermarket bushings in them.

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  • Delivers 10 tons of hydraulic force to remove and install truck front spring eye bushing assemblies quickly and easily.
  • Services bushings with diameters from 1-1/4″ through 1-7/8″. Handles all popular OE and aftermarket components.
  • Service bushing assemblies, in many cases, without removing leaf spring hangers and spring assemblies from the vehicle.
  • All accessories are included except the hydraulic hand pump, which must be purchased separately.